A good mixer is the key to good sound. The mixer is the center of an audio universe.  If you use a lower quality mixer, you will have a lower quality finished product.

Mackie mixers deliver outstanding sound quality, reasonable price levels and they are built to last.


Call ibv** for information on the 1604,1402, 1202 mixers.





Technological revolutions come quickly, and shake the world when they surface. DVD has become the alternative to VHS, CD's replaced tapes, and VCR's are being replaced by hard disk recorders. At Mackie, the same kind of revolution is affecting their loudspeakers.

Active technology is the most important technological milestone since the invention of the loudspeaker. Like other innovative technologies, Active speaker systems were expensive and out of reach for most companies.

However, Mackie has taken their approach and made Active sound affordable and reliable.





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